If you start looking into Japan’s creatures, a commonly found beast is the Oni. Usually depicted with red or blue skin, these are quite like ogres, trolls, or demons. Normally you’ll find them with crazy hair, sharp claws, and two long horns coming from their heads. While they are humanoid in stance, their skin, extra fingers, toes, and sometimes extra eyes combined with their rather inhuman strength make them stand apart.

They love carrying a club, and often wear loin cloths made of tiger pelt. While their origins come from spirits that cause disaster, spread disease, and other unpleasant things, their physical form was said to have come from Buddhism. They’re not particularly hard to dispatch of if you are smarter than your average simpleton, but don’t second guess their strength.

They reside primarily in the mountains, caves, on islands, and in abandoned fortresses, meaning they aren’t particularly social. They are omnivores, but it is interesting that they have quite the penchant for alcohol. It would certainly make skinning people, crushing bones and other delightful tortures more enjoyable. These are all primarily male, though there is a female demon ogre called a Kijo which we will gander at another day. You can imagine that getting an Oni to bone you would likely only be great for those who can handle massive dick and are cool with being tortured and eaten after coitus.