Some monsters are a bit more “mainstream”, and are known far and wide thanks to pop culture preventing us from forgetting their existence. You’ve heard of Medusa through movies like Hercules and every live action fantasy show that wants to portray an empowered female having her looks turn on her (literally). While you might know about the snake hair, and eyes that turn you to stone…no, that’s just about it.

This gorgon was usually described as a winged human female with a hideous face and living snakes as hair. Anyone who met her eyes would turn to stone, and seeing that she and her two sisters Stheno and Euryale hated mortal kind, pretty much everyone they met was going to meet a sad end. Her origins spawn either from a marriage of two archaic beings, or that she was a beautiful maiden who Poseidon raped in Athena’s temple, and instead of punishing the sea god, Athena decided to punish her with snake hair instead.

If you’re into the older crowd and like snakes, then you could always take your chances with wooing her. No direct eye contact, and those with a fetish for biting should likely ask for some mouth-to-crotch funsies. Just avoid bringing up Perseus and you’ll probably get to live!