Some creatures are easy to hate, mainly because they can be associated to aspects of human behavior. Take the greedy, sadistic, ever-mischievous Goblin for example. Not all of these repugnant little monsters are born with malice in their hearts…but most of them are. They first surfaced in written history through 14th century European folklore. They are likened to the Germanic Kobold, a sprite which is quite ugly when it’s not invisible, and is capable of shape-shifting. When more formally acquainted, you’ll see that Goblins also share traits with brownies, dwarves, gnomes, and imps.

The powers of these obnoxious hellions vary, being akin to that of fairies or demons. They are usually smaller than humans, closer to the size of dwarves, but that will change depending on what country you visit. More often than not they are charged full of hatred, and have a penchant for fighting and merciless slaughter. If you have anything of value on you, expect to part with it as they have as much lust for blood as they do for shiny things. There are always going to be a few exceptions to the norm, but if you come across one, assume that you’re about to have a very bad day.

While I would normally recommend trying everything once, fucking one of these is like picking at random out of a box of chocolates; the good ones will not be the first few you try. That being said, even the palatable ones are an acquired taste.