If you want something a little otherworldly, then an Emere might peak your interest. This creature comes from Yoruba culture (Southwestern and North Central Nigeria), and while you could classify it as a human, you would only be partially correct. This is a child that can travel between this world and the spirit world whenever it wants.

They are a spirit in disguise, showing death as life, and can disappear and reappear at will. This is obviously going to be quite the headache for the parents of the child portion. If you could have a taste of heaven whenever you wanted, wouldn’t you pop back and forth every now and again when you didn’t feel like being in trouble with mom and dad?

These are normally considered female, are exceedingly pretty, and possess powers of seduction. They will give unending support to heaven, but retain bitterness towards Earth and turn on those of this world whenever they can, mainly because they’re annoyed Earth doesn’t allow visitors from Heaven. They die on days of intense joy, such as a wedding, graduation, or birth of a new child, and were likely more powerful witches.