Each part of the world seems to have its own types of monsters. Some places the monsters resemble humans more closely, and in others they take after beasts. In Puerto Rico, the latter has been reported time and time again. It is called the Chupacabra, and has been named the perpetrator of numerous animal killings, namely goats, which it will drain of all blood. It would seem fitting then that its name translates to goat-sucker.

You’ll hear tale of them in other areas as well such as Russia, the Philippines, and Maine in Northern America, but their description shifts slightly from one place to the next. While thought to be mainly coyotes or other dog-kin with sarcoptic mange, which gives leathery skin, there’s no definite call on whether or not this baddie exists.

Most stories and legends speak of an appearance of reptilian greenish-gray skin, sharp spines or quills running down its back, and standing 3-4′ tall. Its back legs are longer than its front, having it hop and stand in similar fashion to a kangaroo. There’s also mention of pronounced eye sockets, fangs, and claws, though which it uses to make puncture wounds in an upside-down triangle on its victims is up for debate. Not enough is yet known about these creatures, as some stories mention they might even be able to fly. Whether it’s an old wives tale or there are some creatures that have effectively stayed on the fringes of human culture is up for debate, though people often have a knack for being wrong.