We’ve become quite accustomed to the idea of certain monsters. Werewolves, demons, ghosts, etc, and they all have a connotation or moral leaning attached, just by name alone. Demons and werewolves are more evil and primal, while ghosts and witches can be on a sliding spectrum, more like regular ole people. There are some creatures though, like the Bai Ze from China, that are bit more difficult to pin down.

This mystical being, whose name translates to “white marsh” is said to have told the Yellow Emperor, Huáng Dì, about over 11,000 different types of supernatural creatures in the world. Not only did it convey this information, but it also told of how to overcome any haunting or attack you might experience if you came across them. The book of this information was called Bái Zé Tú, though now, only fragments of it remain through other texts.

The Bai Ze is usually depicted as somewhat bovine with a lion body and either a human or Oni-esque face. It has nine eyes, six horns, and is said to know all that ever was and will ever be. It’s like coming across the internet and having it tell you all the information it possesses on monsters without asking. Since this knows everything there is to know about everything, you would think it would know of some interesting new positions that no one has ever thought of. Though, it could be awkward for the Bai Ze to come up to you and start blabbing about how Minotaurs and old Nessie like it in the sack without you asking.