This is the first ever Monster Mondays post!

Every other week we’ll be posting a blurb and quick sketch of monsters from around the world! Since our very own Nastacula is one such creature, it seemed only fitting that we should start with Vampires! There are many accounts of these night-loving blood suckers around the globe, but you have to ask yourself; where did they come from, and what makes them so sexy?

Upon hearing the word vampire we generally think of a pasty white dude with fangs and claws, much like Bram Stoker’s rendition from Dracula. Those who took even a passing interest in vampires will know of Vlad the Impaler from Romania who drank the blood of his enemies (who was actually really good to his people). While the kind we know of mainly show up in European literature, these children of night have popped up in various forms all over the world, including India, Africa, Asia,The Americas, and there are even nods to such creatures in Assyria and Babylon! The latter ancient civilizations had tales of the mythical Lilitu, which gave rise to Lilith from Hebrew demonology, which is why you’ll hear of Lilith being the mother of vampires here and there.

While the term Vampire didn’t actually come up until a few hundred years ago, demons or spirits that drank blood have been around for quite some time, though they were thought to be entities that inhabit the recently dead rather than something closer to a virus than can be spread through blood. While most of the time vamps are portrayed as well-dressed attractive people that try to blend in with society, some versions of this particular baddie ranged from having iron teeth and living in trees to being plump and not caring if their face was covered in their last meal. In regards to the bloaters, the reason they needed to be staked in the chest was to “deflate” them which is where some of the mythos about stabbing vampires in the heart to kill them came from.

The reason we view them as such sexual beings is likely due to the intimacy of biting someone on the neck, and how close the release of blood is at the climax of the act to the release of ejaculate. It’s a pretty carnal experience, so you can imagine that a lot of people would be fond of giving in to lust-filled romps of pure desire which are so strong you feel like destroying something. Watching a vampire feed should be as sexy as watching me eat fried chicken on the couch, but is instead viewed as an amazing make out session with some fooling around tossed in, despite the fact that one party dies at the end of it.

Nastacula is a combination of a vampire with some incubus/succubus-like powers that are commonly associated with vampires. She’s super strong, lightning fast, can heal in seconds, and of course, is undead, which means lots of things that might affect a mere human won’t touch our purple friend. Her skin color denotes that she is among the undead, and as she ages over thousands of years it will change to show her state of decomposition.

Since vampires have nods to demons and zombies, between the three: Fuck, Marry, Kill?