Welcome to Nastacula~

This is a free webcomic run by Nastee and Ceniva which follows the story of Nastacula, a vampirate who’s amassing an army from around the globe to take on a force that’s more powerful than one child of the night can handle. She’s a bit of a grump, which doesn’t help her in finding recruits, but that’s not going to be an issue thanks to some powers she inherited.

While this may be porn, we’ve spent months working on the plot, detailing our characters to be more than just fuckable holes or poles, and do our best to make sure that your fleshy bits and brain are excited at the same time. We’re going to be posting every Monday, with other content posts in between. Want us to post faster? Try pledging to our Patreon! Normal work and adult responsibilities get in the way of us being able to bring more content to you fine folks, and we would love that to change.

***edited on account of Nastee being awesome and posting every Monday***