The Comic

NASTACULA is a free adult webcomic about a vengeful vampirate set on building an army of monsters from around the world. Her penchant for being a grump won’t help charm anyone to take on the suicide mission she has planned, so other means of persuasion will have to be put to use.

The comic portrays images of violence, homosexuality, bestiality, most other -ality’s that you can think of, and copious amounts of BDSM (not the safe, consensual kind though).

The comic updates every MONDAY, and we’ll make sure to insert various content for your eye-holes on other weekdays as well! If you’d like more frequent updates, consider pledging to our Patreon! Cum on, you know you want to. 😉


About the Artist


Nastee is an animator/illustrator by trade, and started working on adult content a few years after beginning her career as an artist in 2011. Nastacula started out as an original character that had so much backstory it was impossible not to make something out of such rich content.

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About the Author


Ceniva is a writer/photographer by trade. She’s been flittering in and out of the kink scene as a Dominatrix since 2009, and found writing smut to be a passion worth pursuing a few years later.

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