A werewolf, or lycanthrope, is generally described as a human who can shapeshift into a wolf, or hybrid wolf-like creature. You’ve seen this sort of monster all over the place in TV and movies, with varying backstories of how they came to be. There’s often association with a curse or affliction (bite or scratch), but depending on where in the world you look, the origins alter slightly. Some are like the methods already mentioned, and others just cases of people thinking they’re actually wolves or taking on aspects of a personality that people associate with wolves; ravenous hunger, animal-like behavior, and being quick to anger. The latter is likely just a case of rabies, and that paired with those who have that rare condition where you grow hair all over your body would of course seem magical to people who didn’t know what it was.

Werewolves were a pretty big deal at around the same time those fun witch hunts were going on, so it makes sense that everyone wanted to freak out about something, mainly so they could get rid of neighbors they didn’t like. Lycanthropes had nods way back in…you guessed it, Ancient Greece. Someone pissed off Zeus by cooking and feeding their son to him, so Zeus changed him into a wolf so he’d have an appetite for human flesh since it seemed fitting that he tried to force other people to eat it.

There were reported sightings and people who have admitted to being werewolves, but how much would you trust someone who waltzed up to you and said they can turn into a wolf? If they did, would it be a deal breaker or a deal maker? Don’t tell me Beauty and the Beast didn’t make you feel something special.