While it is said that Slenderman came from an Internet meme, something is only real if you believe it is, and the maiming of a young girl has already occurred in its name. It is certainly much more of an agent of chaos than you’d think, whether or not its realness has merit to you. The Marble Hornets video series did a decent enough job capturing its abilities, but what those videos showcase are but a small part of what it can do. This tall, gangly creature appears humanoid in nature, but is faceless, and is always wearing a black suit. Time is irrelevant to this creature, so it must’ve just found this apparel from one time period particularly appealing.

This baddie loves to stalk, abduct, and traumatize people, particularly children, whom it follows throughout their entire life. Whether day or night, no one is safe, and it spreads as a sort of virus to all that see or learn of it. It is said that this creature can use proxies as well, which are people turned mad under Slenderman’s influence, and will kill or maim at its will. Whether it has arms outstretched wide or tentacles coming out in all directions, know that if you see it, you’re probably fucked, and not in the fun way.

There is an interesting dynamic between electronics, photos, and videos that have captured ole Slendy. He can pop in and out of frame, and can basically see you whenever you see it. Looking at it in video is like staring it in the face and inviting it over. You can imagine that having a quick tumble in the hay with this monster would be lots of teasing and an eventual, overwhelming overture. Maybe the proxies join in for an orgy, who knows? Whether or not you end up alive is really up to its mood.