Who’s ready for some more Greek fuckery?!

While we know the ancient Greeks were all about getting freaky and drunk, it’s quite obvious that they had a penchant for coming up with some crazy creatures that wanted to sleep with EVERYONE. While we will one day start making our way to monsters from around the globe, not just Greece, I just couldn’t wait to write about the Sirens. Most of the time you hear Siren and think about some pretty lady singing a song and luring someone closer. There are tons of interpretations in shows and movies, and it gets you wondering where they actually came from.

The first Sirens to come into literature-existence were brought up by Homer. They live in rocky, cliff areas and are said to be half bird and half human with only about 2-5 in existence, depending on what literature you’re reading. Demeter from Greek mythos was said to have given them wings to search for Persephone when she went missing, which they later had plucked out due to losing a singing competition with the Muses. Lots of later art kept the bird association, likely from how beautiful a songbird’s voice can be combined with how beautiful a woman’s body is, but I like to think it’s just that the ancient Greeks really wanted to try fucking birds, but were upset that they’re too small. Christianity later started trying to rid the world of pagan beliefs and changed over to just being women in general that lure you into lusty, immoral acts and desires (oh noes >:3).

These dangerous divas were pretty heavily associated with death, luring sailors to their early demise. Of course, what they do with the sailors also varies as some say they’re cannibals, while others say that they merely lured the sailors in, and since they couldn’t make them leave and had no food for them since they were living off of being divine creatures (mooches), the sailors starved to death listening to them sing.

While these ladies were likely inspired from prostitutes who made sailors who came into town for a day get lost in lusty ambitions, the interpretation is all up to you. I’m personally going to take our version of abilities and looks because hot damn, don’t you just want to smother your face on that fishy goddess? Surely nothing bad would come from that.