Wednesdays?? We were originally planning on posting a new page every other Monday, so now that Nastee is being amazing and posting EVERY Monday, it makes more sense to post these on Wednesday instead. This week’s spotlight is shining on the Naga, who comes to us from Buddhist and Hindu mythology.

Depending on your source, these are serpent deities, water spirits, guardians, or demigods, but they all take after a reptile of some form. While some are dragons with multiple heads or are massive and live underwater, the most commonly thought of Naga have a half-human, half-snake body. They have unblinking eyes, deadly venom, and a forked tongue which is an oddity that makes you question what sort of experience that would provide for your nether regions.

For the most part, the King Cobra is what the snake-half of the body takes after, mainly because that’s the most prominent serpent in Southeast Asia where this monster originated. The lady Nagas or Nagini are said to be curvy and beautiful, while the male versions are so horrifying that one look will give you nightmares. You can take your pick of which version you’d prefer to take to bed, but we all know there are at least two of you that want the latter.