Let’s take a break from one specific speck on the world and look at another one. Japan has tons, TONS of nasty, creepy, crawly, beautiful creatures that are into binding, beating, and humiliation like you wouldn’t believe. This week we’re looking at the Jorōgumo, which is a type of Yōkai (goblin, spirit, demon-type thing) that is a spider which can change into a seductive woman when they want to feed on human flesh. There is a real spider that goes by this name, but we don’t care about it unless it’s fuckable…which if you…no let’s not get side-tracked.

The literal translation is “whore spider”, which already tells you a lot about the quality of monster we’re dealing with here. These beautiful ladies would lure in men, play a tune for them, and while they were entranced by the beauty and music in front of them, the Jorōgumo would wrap them in silk spider web, prepping them to be her next meal. They weren’t always about eating people, but when they were, you basically had to call in an exorcist to claw your way out of supernaturally-induced love.

She is often shown surrounded by her spider children, who likely don’t inherit all the same powers as her. She’s also able to control lesser and fire-breathing spiders, who burn down the homes of anyone who starts to become suspicious of her. Since she can create amazing cover-up stories, she can live anywhere from a cave to an empty house in or near a busy city without being noticed while bones and remains pile up in her home. People are insects to them, so there’s generally no remorse and no mercy. There are also tales of them pulling people into water and drowning them, while other depictions are of the Jorōgumo being a goddess who protects people from drowning. Either way, once you’re ensnared you’re not likely to get away, but with that many legs why would you want to?