History does not paint women in a positive light. You’ve definitely heard of “feminine wiles” before, and while they may be real, no mortal could possibly replicate those of a succubus. These demonic creatures are primarily female, though there is a male counterpart called an Incubus. Their origins vary, but their skillset remains the same, with their chief abilities being in knowing how to seduce and fuck, in that order.

If your will is strong enough, you can hold off your lust for these beautiful vixens. However, if you can’t, you might notice your health slowly declining the more and more you lie with them. They’ll appear in your dreams, either beautiful young ladies or hideous in their true form, slowly sucking the life from you. They are closely tied to sirens, harpies, mermaids, and vampires for their abilities, but their fucking prowess sets them apart from the rest.

They’re not going to limit themselves to being more dominant or submissive, as they’re going to do whatever they can to get you to give it up for them. It is said that penetrating a succubus is like sticking your dick in an ice cave, which if you’re into that, it may not be such a bad thing. Of course, with so much cum flinging about, they may as well save it and give it to Incubi so that they can produce half-demon offspring after impregnating a human female. That’s just a theory, but it’s hard to pinpoint what they can and can’t do. Of course, seeing that Succubi can change shape, who’s to say that they’re not also Incubi? Either way, you’re going to have a mighty good fuck until you die.