Some monsters come from partial truths that have been stretched thin to explain away dark tendencies of human kind. People who want too much sex must be a succubus or incubus, meaning they’re part demon or possessed by one. Some creatures also likely come from drug or drink-induced hallucinations, but the real ones don’t have a good explanation, and send those who aren’t ready to believe a good shiver that they’ll feel down in their boots. If you’re reading this, you’re not only ready to learn about monsters and their wicked ways, but are trying to figure out how best to fit them into your sexual fantasies.

This week we look at a monster that likely came from humans trying to explain away a tragic scenario for young married women in Japan. Futakuchi Onna, or two-mouthed woman, is either a married woman, shape-changing yama-uba or magical spider posing as a young woman. The only definitive way to know if you’re dealing with a Futaluchi-Onna is if there is a large, fat-lipped mouth on the back of the skull with many teeth inside.

This yokai sprung from two stories, either a miser who married a woman who never ate because he didn’t want to feed her, or a stepmother who starved her stepdaughter and grew a mouth on the back of her head that shrieked whenever she didn’t feed it in the voice of her deceased stepdaughter. There isn’t a deadly aspect to them so much as you’d have to worry about keeping both mouths fed, and they will tear through your pantry in no time at all. They would however, be great for a 3-way as long as one person didn’t mind a little teeth.