If you think you’ve got identity problems as a human being, imagine being several different bodies stitched together. The Chimera is a hybrid creature from Greek mythos that is said to breathe fire. The most commonly depicted version is a lion with the head of a goat and a snake’s head on the end of its tail. While opinions vary on its origins, you’ll often hear of this being a child of Echidna, the “Mother of Monsters” who much akin to a Naga with a beautiful maiden top half and a terrible snake lower half.

This creature is generally considered female, known as a bad omen for storms, shipwrecks, and natural disasters, particularly volcanic eruptions. Though the true history of the Chimera seems to have ties to eternal burning fires in Lycia (Turkey to those of you in the modern day), it has inspired the entertainment world and science to create Chimeras of their own. The science versions are usually far more boring though, just making creatures with male and female parts, two blood types, and other boring things that don’t give it many heads that breathe elemental devastation.

The Chimera that appears in stories ravaged lands with its fire, and was slain by goody goodies who don’t like a little bit of fun in their lives. You would think the extra heads would be useful during sexual activities, but seeing that this creature is bent more on destruction than anything, you’re more likely to get your pubes burned off. Although, if you like a good fight this would certainly provide a challenge.