Now Angels are rather interesting. The immediate thought you have in regards to these creatures is either a fat baby cherub or a beautiful person with wings. They are most commonly associated with religions that have to do with the monotheistic God, springing up in Christianity, Judaism, Kabbalah, and more. However! These creatures don’t always necessarily have a set raison d’etre (reason for being).

Many people view them as messengers from God’s Divine Council, but due to being made by God with their superior power and intelligence they are seen as superior to humans. They aren’t infallible though as they can bicker, and even become enemies of their creator; such as Sameal, an angel of death who fell from God’s grace and became Satan. They are described in function as either sentient and supernatural beings, or (this is where things get interesting), as tasks.

That last bit may need some elaboration. This aspect is best described by saying they were made for a specific purpose, and when that purpose has ended, they cease to exist. God doesn’t handle things directly more often than not, which is confusing since it’s supposed to be an omnipotent being and all that. Angels are heavily associated with fire, which might be described as God’s love, but is also God’s chosen method to destroy things. It can be said that they are also associated with the elements since they are in essence how God interacts with Earth – the battle ground between good and evil. That being said, it’s hard to pin what kind of a lay they would be. It’s hard to tell whether they would ignore you completely because they have a mission to complete or would make you feel divine for hours a time.