If you want to see some fucked up shit, look to the Aztecs. They had some crazy awesome rituals for gods and goddesses which were full of torture, killing, cannibalism, and lighting a fire in the hollowed out chest of their victims. Something about being murderous and vile just hits me in the tender bits. As you might imagine, they’re going to have a slew of creatures that will murder you in creative ways.

For those that enjoy the anthropomorphized versions of monkeys and dogs, the Ahuizotyl is a creature worthy of your notice. This Aztec creature is like a small dog with little pointed ears, has a rubbery smooth black body and tail with a human-looking hand at the end. This creature also has humanesque hands for its front paws, more akin to a monkey’s, with regular paws in the rear. It dwells in deep springs or water-filled caverns, and any who enter its domain will be dragged to the depths. Whenever it leaves the water, its hair clumps into spikes, much like how a beaver’s fur reacts.

Once you’ve been nabbed and drowned, the Ahuizotyl will gouge out your eyes, pull out your nails, and rip out your teeth for a snack. The skin of its victims are completely unblemished and uninjured, and the body as a whole will exit the water slippery-wet. When it hasn’t had prey in a while it will cry like a child to lure people close enough to be dragged into the water. You can imagine it would spend any first date noticing what lovely eyes you have.