Woah! Sorry for the lateness! New site means new issues and this puppy missed it’s schedule. Happy Monster Wednesday post!

If you’ve always wanted to bang something that could fly but wasn’t a bat, maybe a Harpy would suit your desires. These are typically female monsters that have the form of a bird with a human face. While they were originally thought to be spirits of the destructive nature of storm wind, they gained a pretty bad rep over time. They were first known for stealing food from their victims, and would carry evildoers to the Furies (deities of vengeance) so they could be dealt with. In Greek and Roman mythos, a king pissed off Zeus by revealing his dumb god plans, so he stuck him on an island with a super sweet buffet that he couldn’t eat because harpies would swoop in and devour it all.

This is about the time their reputation started to change though, since the story follows that they were chased off and then started picking up people who were en route to Tartarus and tortured them mercilessly (a masochists delight). While they were known for being hideous, they were wicked fast. You think a sparrow is talented when they dive-bomb in front of your car and make it out ok, but these ladies could take something out of your hand before you knew it was gone. They were described as being fast as a whirlwind or lightning, and could cover distances of seas or countries in almost no time at all.

This type of monster isn’t known the world over as its origins are mainly in Rome and Greece, but thankfully we have plenty of pottery and carvings to give us a clear picture of what they look like (despite the fact that many of the interpretations look completely different). There is talk of one having a happy marriage and giving birth to swift horses, so if someone forgets protection, at least you have some fast horse babies to look forward to. Who knows, maybe your kids will be the next Shadowfax.